Who is the LANCo?

The LANCo is the LAN Committee of e.t.s.v. Thor (Study association of the Eindhoven University of Technology). The LANCo consists of students (and recent graduates) that are spending their free time setting up the TesLAN! The TesLAN is non-profit and is a Thor activity that got... big!
The LANCo members have but one goal: Set up a LAN Party and make it as fun as they possibly can!

What to bring

We suggest labelling your items. You yourself are responsible for your belongings.

We suggest to bring:

Gaming Setup
  • Your favourite game station! From console to (Student) laptop to über PC!
  • Network (RJ45) cable that is able to span 10 meters
  • Power strip
Note that the hall will be dark and lights will be out. Consider bringing a small light if you believe your eyes will strain.

You get a standard folding chair
  • You can rent Speedseats gaming chairs at the LAN, if you want to reserve one, you can contact "Miksel12 - Mike" on the TesLAN Discord.
  • You can bring your own (gaming) chair -> Floor protector required!

Sleeping Gear
You can sleep in a second (quiet) hall during the nights (0:00 - 8:00)
You can use the showers
  • Mat / Airbed
  • Spare sets of clothes
  • Towel
  • Soap / Shampoo
  • Toothbrush
  • Earplugs against noise

Snacks, Drinks, Refreshments
You will get brunch on day 2 and day 3
You can order dinner tickets when they are available
  • Your favourite snacks
  • Your favourite drinks -> Glass and ceramics are NOT ALLOWED!
  • Your own dinner if you don't like our options -> Food deliveries to the venue are not allowed!

Where do I sleep?

During the night there will be a separate hall (quiet) open for resting. This is available from midnight to at least 8 in the morning.
Bring your own Mat / Airbed, or fall asleep on your (rented)chair like a true gamer.

Competitions and Prizes

The TesLAN provides competitions which you (and your team) can join! You can win prizes for the competitions! You can find more information about what competitions take place and sign up for them on the competitions page, when it is published.

The prizes you can win are not communicated beforehand. You can take a look at some of the winners and their prizes of last edition here.
Prizes do not include cash prizes.

Non-Prizewinners cannot win a prize in a competition. Their place will go to the first next player / team that is not a Non-Prizewinner. If a Non-Prizewinner is part of a team during a competition, this whole team is ruled as Non-Prizewinner.
Non-Prizewinners are:
  • Members of the LAN Commitee (LANCo) 
  • Members of the TesLAN Crew that organise / host the competition in question

Tickets and Pricing

Entry Ticket

The TesLAN is a non-profit event! The income from the ticket sale is used to make the LAN possible.

Earliest Bird Ticket (Until November 23) is €30.00 or €17.50 for Thor members
Early Bird Ticket (November 24 - until December 14) €35.00 or €22.50 for Thor members
From December 15 -> €37.50 or €25.00 for Thor members
All prices are including VAT.

A ticket is valid for the whole TesLAN. You cannot get one-day tickets, but you can choose to come to parts of the TesLAN.

Dinner Tickets
More info on dinner tickets will follow soon.


In the Seatplanner, (once published) you can select and reserve the seats you wish to game at during the TesLAN. Be fast, to make sure you can reserve your desired spots with your team / friends!

Dinner, Food and Drinks

You can get dinner tickets for the day 1 and 2 evenings! You can order them in account->tickets.
After ordering, you need to assign the tickets to your entry tickets. You can do this in account->tickets.
Also make sure to select a pizza choice in your ticket overview. If no selection was made, we will make one for you based on statistics.

You do not need to order your entry ticket and dinner ticket in one go. You can order your entry ticket, then order a dinner ticket later.

You can also get or bring your own dinner if you want. Please note that you cannot have food delivered to the venue.

On day 1 and 2, we provide a brunch consisting of various types of sandwiches.

Other Food / Drinks
Make sure you can survive 48 hours! Bring your favourite snacks and drinks. Stay hydrated! The cafeteria in the building is open during the day.
Please note that Glass and ceramics are NOT ALLOWED in the hall.

Where is the TesLAN?

The TesLAN is held in the SSC Eindhoven, on the TU/e campus. The address can be found on the contact page.

Access Route

 The route to access the LAN has changed from the last edition due to construction happening to the SSC. We will keep you up to date on what the exact details will be.


  1. Refunds can be requested for any reason up to 4th of January, 23:59 GMT+2.
  2. If the TesLAN is cancelled for some reason (sudden pandemic for example), everyone will get their tickets refunded. 
  3. If for whatever reason you had to be ejected from the venue during the event, no money will be refunded. 
    The above statements apply only to tickets bought for the TesLAN (dinner tickets and entry tickets). The cost of personal arrangements including, but not limited to, travel, subsistence, hospitality, or accommodation which have been arranged by you are at your own risk and will not be refunded by us.

To get a refund you must send an email to including your full name, transaction date, and description of what items you would like to refund.

Other questions?

You can use the contact form or use Discord. We try to respond as soon as possible.