Who are we?

We are a committee of the Electrical Engineering study association Thor.
Our goal is to organize a yearly LAN party.


Next LAN

The next TesLAN will be held from January 4th till January 6th 2018

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Feel free to contact us using the contact form located at the contact page.

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We are very happy to announce that X2 will sponsor the TesLAN this year
Check the website of X2 to see their products http://www.x2products.com/

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TesLAN 2018

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TesLAN 2018

After a very successful first edition of the TesLAN, the LANCo is proud to present the new edition in the second week of the Christmas break from Thursday January 4 till Saturday January 6.

With las...

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Juniper will be the sponsor of the network equipment of the TesLAN.
Together with Juniper we can make an enormous upgrade to our network, now with a 10Gbit network backbone and 10Gbit internet connec...

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Are you looking for a team or are you just as hyped for the LAN as we are? Join our discord server! All the competition info will also be made known there and it is an awesome way to socialize. Would...

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