Frequently asked questions

What is the price of the LAN?

The price is €20.00 (€15.00 for Thor members). Until the 18th of November, there is an early bird discount of €2.50. It is possible to add dinner options for the first and second day when subscribing, please do so as there is no Delivery allowed at the venue.

Can I sit alongside my friends?

Yes you can. As soon as the seatplan is opened you can choose a seat but be fast to be sure to sit together.

What do I have to bring to the LAN?

You of course have to bring your own gaming rig (laptop, desktop PC, NES console, etc.). Besides that you have to bring your own Ethernet cable (we recommend around 10 metres). If you want to utilize more than one power socket, you also have to bring your own power strip. In case you are also sleeping at the LAN, you have to bring your own air mattress, sleeping bag, etc.

Can i ask a question that is not answered here?

Yes, you can use the contact form or use discord. We try to respond as soon as possible.

Are there places you can sleep on the LAN?

Yes! During the night there will be a 2nd hall open. This is from midnight to at least 9 in the morning.

How can i choose a seat?

You can choose a seat with the link in the subscription summary you recieve when buying a ticket.

Are you allowed to bring a gaming/office chair?

You are allowed to bring your own chair, as long as you bring some sort of mat to protect the floor. The floor can be damaged easily, thus this mat has to cover your entire chair and even a bit more in case of movement. If we as organization feel that your mat does not protect the floor enough we forbid the use of your chair and expect no discussion regarding this. If you don't want to bother bringing a chair but want to sit comfortable anyhow, you can rent a Speedseats gaming chair. You can rent a speadseet here:

Is glass allowed on the lan?

No. SSCE forbids any use of glass in the whole building, thus also in the gym where the LAN is held.

When can i collect my prize?

You can collect your prize at one of the two prize ceremonies. When the competitions are announced we will announce what competition prizes will be at what prize ceremony.

Will there be any food and drinks supplied?

At this moment in time some lunch will be supplied. When you choose the dinner options when subscribing you will get dinner as well. If you need more food or drinks you can buy them at the bar.

Do you have a discord channel?

We do, click the discord icon on the home page to find the server!

What should i bring to the LAN



Keyboard,mouse and heaset

All cables to conect everything

Power strip

10m lan cable

Air matrass

Sleeping bag


"Shower" supplies (toothbrush, towel, soap etc..)


Drinks, you can buy them at the venue but brining your own is cheaper

Some food/snacks

Are there any tournaments you can participate in?

Yes, we have two types of tournaments, competitive and casual tournaments. More information on these tournaments will be made available in the coming weeks.

What are the dinner options?

The first day there will be 4 hours of unlimited fries and snacks. The 2nd day we will provide a pizza for you.

Can i livestream at the LAN?

You can, we have a 10gbit internet connection so there should be no problems. In case of internet problems it could be possible that we shut down the streams.