Competition League of Legends 1v1

Party size: 1

League of Legends One Versus One, the classic mechanics only game, the perfect skill test before the 5v5 tournament! One versus One will be played on the Howling Abyss where it is not possible to recall/back or buy after you leave the fountain.

 Win conditions: first blood, 100cs or first turret. 
 Blind pick. 
 Usual 1V1 rules.

Starting with five Swiss System Best-of-3 matches. After this the best eight players continue to the Best-of-3 as well single elimination brackets.

1st place Logitech MK540 (45) + knops mini  + Seasonic mouse mat

2nd place Mouse r6siege

3th place Guice Energy jar

All prizes are not final and can still change

Remember that some competitions might overlap. To register for the tournaments please use the links in the discord server