Competition Counter strike: Global Offensive

Party size: 5

 Bracket type: Swiss System then Single elimination with the eight best teams.
 Maps: Inferno, Train, Mirage, Nuke, Overpass, Dust2, Vertigo (The maps might change when the csgo competitive map pool is updated)
 Swiss system are single matches, the Single elimination is Best-of-3.

 The Banning / Picking phase will go as follows: 
 Team 1 BAN 
 Team 2 BAN 
 Team 2 BAN 
 Team 1 BAN 
 Team 2 Pick 
 Team 1 Pick 
 The remaining map will be the decider map if needed.
First the pick of team 1 will be played, after that the pick of team 2.

The Next config has to be used during the game.

A screenshot of the result of each map needs to be presented to the crew if asked.
PRO tip: Always record demo's. If you suspect cheating it will be way easier for us to check.

Last of all, have fun!

Remember that some competitions might overlap. To register for the tournaments please use the links in the discord server