Competition COD Prophunt

Party size: 1

Bracket type: Poule + single elimination 
Maps (poule matches): Broadcast, Wet Work and Showdown 
Maps (finals): First Killhouse, Shipment and a map chosen by the finalists which has not been chosen yet.
Maximum amount of contestants: 64 
Bracket: 4 poules of 16 people + finals.

 After each map a screenshot of the score will be made by each contestant and the admins. After the 3rd map an admin will add all the points. The first and second player of each poule will continue to the finals.

Now the same system will occur, each contestant and admin will take a screenshot of the final score of each map. The points are added and the winner, runner-up and third place will be known!

Good luck to you all!

Pro tip: Try to study the maps beforehand if you really want to win

Remember that some competitions might overlap. To register for the tournaments please use the links in the discord server